[NEWS] 181213 Industry Representatives Voted BLACKPINK’s DDU-DU DDU-DU As 2nd Best Song of the Year 2018

As 2018 winds down to a close, it is the season to look back on the best of the year.

Korean media outlets News1 and dongA both surveyed various industry professionals to gather their opinions on the year’s top K-pop artists, rookies, producers, and more.

In the survey done by dongA, 21 professionals including entertainment agency executives, music critics, magazine editors, producers, and more were asked for their opinions on various topics.

The following 21 representatives were surveyed:

Kim Ah Reum (W Korea), Kim Hong Ki (Space Oddity), Lee In Sub (Universal Music Korea), Clayton Jin (Warner Music Korea), Kim Hong Bum (KBS), Jung Young Sun (MBC), Choi Da Eun (SBS), Kim Eun Ah (SM Entertainment), Shim Jae Geol (YG Entertainment), Jung Wook (JYP Entertainment), Jung Jin Ho (Big Hit Entertainment), Jo Sung Wan (FNC Entertainment), music critics Kang Il Kwon, Kim Yoon Ha, Kim Hak Sun, Mimyo, Park Joon Woo, Baek Soon Tak, Seo Jeong Min Gap, Lee Kyung Joon, Lee Dae Hwa

BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” gathered a total of 7 votes placing it on the 2nd spot of the best song of 2018 chosen by the industry representatives.

Teddy, the main producer responsible to all of BLACKPINK’s discography, has also received recognition from agencies executives being named #1 Best Korean Songwriter and #2 Best Kpop Producer with 8 votes and 10 votes, respectively.

YG Entertainment and sub-label TheBlackLabel collectively got 5 votes placing at 3rd place for Entertainment Agency to Grow Most in 2019.

Their responses to the questions were as follows:

Song of the Year

1. iKON “Love Scenario” (11 votes)
2. BLACKPINK “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (7 votes)
3. BTS “Fake Love” (6 votes)

Best Korean Songwriter

1. Teddy (8 votes)
2. Black Eyed Pilseung (5 votes)
3. Shinsadong Tiger, Yoon Jong Shin (4 votes each)

Best K-pop Producer

1. Bang Shi Hyuk (11 votes)
2. Teddy (10 votes)
3. Pdogg (6 votes)
4. Lee Soo Man (4 votes)

Entertainment Agency to Grow Most in 2019

1. Big Hit Entertainment (9 votes)
2. Pledis Entertainment (6 votes)
3. YG Entertainment and The Black Label (5 votes)
4. SM Entertainment, Brand New Music (3 votes each)

-omitted parts not related to BLACKPINK and YGE-

Source: Soompi

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