[NEWS] BLACKPINK Jisoo and Lisa Present Fabulous Dance in a Dark Mood, Concept and Intro Beat Partially Revealed

The concept teaser videos by JISOO and LISA of BLACKPINK have been revealed. With BLACKPINK’s comeback only a week ahead, hints on their title song ‘How You Like That’ are being revealed one by one, raising the fans’ anticipation and imagination.

On June 19 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the ‘How You Like That’ concept teaser videos by JISOO and LISA through their official blog. The strong beat that makes the listeners’ hearts bounce and the lively pose captured on the moving camera grabbed the people’s attention. The members’ visuals and dance moves shining in the dark raised the fans’ anticipation to the climax.

JISOO, with long black hair, revealed her mystic yet sharp charms through her unexpected styling which she has not presented before. JISOO’s unrivaled aura added with BLACKPINK’s signature sound at the end left a strong impression on the viewers.

Dressed in all black, LISA revealed her eye-catching aura while staring at the camera. LISA’s fiery eyes and hand motions full of swag were added on top of the instrumental of ‘How You Like That’, adding curiosities on the new performance the group will show on stage.

The fans in and out of Korea are paying keen attention to news regarding BLACKPINK’s upcoming single being released day by day. JISOO and LISA’s black concept teaser video following JENNIE and ROSÉ’s white concept video raised the anticipation on ‘How You Like That’ to its climax. Every time new contents are being revealed, related hashtags are conquering the top ranks of Twitter’s Global Real-time Trend Rankings, proving the group’s global influence.

Furthermore, due to the success of ‘Sour Candy’ released last month, the song collaborated with Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK is receiving spotlights from major foreign media as well, proving their presence as a world-class girl group.

After making comeback with their pre-release title song ‘How You Like That’ on the 26th at 6 PM, BLACKPINK will release their second new song in July~August in special format, followed up by their first-ever full-length album release in September. After the release of their album, solo projects by ROSÉ·LISA·JISOO are planned to be released in sequential order.

Source: YG-Life

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