[NEWS] BLACKPINK’s MV For ‘WHISTLE’ Surpasses 500M Views on YouTube, The Highest Record Among All K-Pop Girl Groups

BLACKPINK’s MV for their debut song ‘WHISTLE’ surpassed 500M views on YouTube.

On June 20, YG Entertainment revealed that the MV for ‘WHISTLE’, BLACKPINK’s debut song, has surpassed 500M views on YouTube as of 10 AM.

As a result, BLACKPINK now has 6 MVs with over 500M views in addition to ‘WHISTLE’ including ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’(1.1B), ‘BOOMBAYAH’(800M), ‘KILL THIS LOVE’(800M), ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’(700M), and ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’(500M). It is the highest record among all K-Pop girl groups. Since JENNIE’s solo song ‘SOLO’ is also about to reach 500M views, BLACKPINK is expected to renew their own record in the near future.

‘WHISTLE’ is one of the double title songs of BLACKPINK’s debut single album, ‘SQUARE ONE’. The MV of the song received spotlight with its colorful yet sophisticated visuals. The members’ fabulous visuals and the song’s unique melody line also grabbed the public’s eyes and ears.

BLACKPINK’s ‘WHISTLE’ achieved a perfect all-kill on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of major music platforms, and remained at the top for 16 consecutive days. The song was also ranked at no. 1 on iTunes in 14 different countries, which was unprecedented for a rookie group at the time. The song gave BLACKPINK the confidence they’ve needed to get to where they currently are.

BLACKPINK is setting milestones in K-Pop history by rising to prominence in the global music market with every song they’ve ever released.

The MV for ‘BOOMBAYAH’, one of the debut double title songs in addition to ‘WHISLTE’, is about to reach 900M views, thanks to the steady attention of fans. The song is raising its view counts although it’s been approximately 4 years since the song was released.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has recently raised anticipation on their comeback by setting the best record in K-Pop girl group history through their collaboration with Lady Gaga. The song ‘Sour Candy’ entered the ‘Hot 100’, one of Billboard’s main charts, as no. 33 and remained in the chart for 2 consecutive weeks, as well as being ranked at no. 17 on UK’s Official Chart Singles Top 100, which was the highest record in history, and is ranked at the chart for 3 consecutive weeks. The song was also ranked at no. 1 on the Global YouTube Song Top 100 chart.

BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel currently has 36.8M subscribers, which is the highest figure among all Korean channels. It proves BLACKPINK’s global influence and practical popularity overseas.

Like their nickname, ‘New Record Generators’, BLACKPINK is showing unrivaled success by setting continuous new records prior to their comeback. The people are paying keen attention on what kind of sensation BLACKPINK will bring to the global music industry, as they have noticed their comeback on the 26th through their pre-release title song, ‘How You Like That’.

Source: YG-Life

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