[SHOW] 24/365 with BLACKPINK

<24/365 with BLACKPINK> is BLACKPINK’s 2020 reality show following the members as they pick up new hobbies, work, go shopping, and hang out together. (Soompi)



BLACKPINK launched a new exclusive reality show. ‘23/365 with BLACKPINK’, which noticed an interactive communication with the active participation of fans from the program title, finally unveiled under the high anticipation of Blinks all over the world.

The members of BLACKPINK gathered in one place and informed the reality program production to commemorate their comeback. They explained that the show will present their daily lives and what they’ve always wanted to do. They also added that they’ve put in their desires to communicate with the fans at a closer range by stating, “We’ve prepared this to share our every moment with Blink”.

The actual meeting finally began. BLACKPINK discussed what kind of aspects they would like to show the fans through their new reality contents. In addition, a video clip containing BLACKPINK’s new aspects and charms, previously unavailable through TV broadcasts, have been revealed to raise the fans’ anticipation. From BLACKPINK’s natural daily lives to the sincere conversations between members with deep friendship, the real BLACKPINK off stage were caught on camera. Also, BLACKPINK as ‘artists’ working on choreography, playing guitar, and recording in the studio were also revealed, noticing a variety of spectacles that will be presented through the show.

In the ‘Decide the program title’ corner, the fans made active participation. Among various candidates offered by the members of BLACKPINK, team JENNIE·LISA’s title quoted from the lyrics of ‘WHISTLE’ received the most votes and was determined as the program title. Blink and BLACKPINK notified the beginning of ‘24/365 with BLACKPINK’, while a part of the first episode was revealed at the end, which also raised anticipation on the show.

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Source: YG-Life

BLACKPINK members revealed their daily lives outside of stages.

The episode began with LISA’s day spent with dancing all along, JENNIE in search of fashion trends prior to making comeback, and JISOO and ROSÉ who challenged on pottery.

LISA showed her loveliness by greeting, “Hello, BLINK”. As a dance mentor for ‘Qing Chun You Ni 2’, the Chinese audition program, LISA went on to the scene to film a collaborative performance with the trainees.

She emitted positive energy with her unique and lovely aspects, but also showed diligence and professionalism in working, which put the viewers in awe. She looked nervous for a while prior to getting on stage but presented a perfect choreography when the music began. She also did not miss detailed monitoring.

The final schedule was dance lessons. She headed to the training room to meet her choreography teacher, Cheshir ha, since she did not stop practicing dancing even during the group’s inactive period. She began practicing while presenting her dance skills full of swag.

JENNIE made all preparations in the early morning and headed to the schedule place. She explained that she is busy with comeback preparation and revealed, “My biggest concern is my hairstyle when making comeback”. She wondered what hairstyle would make the best styling.

After arriving at the scene, JENNIE looked nervous and stamped her feet repeatedly. But when the shooting began, she revealed her variety of charms with sincerity.

She then visited a multi-shop with her close stylist. JENNIE, the ‘fashionista’, looked into various styles to figure out the current trend, and had a fun time choosing clothes she liked. She also did not forget to say goodbye to the fans and stated, “My heart moved since I met my fans today in a while. It’s a lovely day”.

JISOO and ROSÉ challenged pottery, which was on their bucket list. JISOO decided to make a liquor glass for her parents, while ROSÉ decided to make a ornament in the shape of a cactus.

ROSÉ then showed tremendous concentration while making her ornament. JISOO thought of her family while making 3 glasses with cute liquor bottle figures attached to them. They then looked into the works they’ve created and proudly stated, “Our wishes came true”.

Watch the full episode below!

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BLACKPINK members’ behind stories presenting their ‘real’ selves from the ‘How You Like That’ MV filming scene and the live broadcast scene at the date of their comeback have been revealed.

The episode also showed the group shooting, which filmed all members of BLACKPINK. They wore white outfits and played cute jokes in a set decorated like the South Pole. When the camera started running, they put the people in awe by presenting an amazing and powerful group dance. The following set was decorated like a Jungle, full of the heat of hot summer. As soon as the cameras began rolling, BLACKPINK presented their charismatic performance.

The behind scenes from the BLACKPINK Global Press Conference: [How You Like That], held last month on the 26th on the date of BLACKPINK’s comeback, were also revealed.

BLACKPINK seemed to be a bit nervous since it was an official event they’ve held in quite a while, but the four members cheered for each other to relax themselves. The group then got on stage while the entire world was watching and did the interview with concentration.

After the conference, they had a comeback countdown live broadcast online where they met BLINK(fans). The members could not hide their excitements and joy while communicating with the fans.

At 6 PM, when the song was released, the members gathered and focused while watching the ‘How You Like That’ MV. They sang along, encouraged, and praised each other without taking their eyes off the monitor.

Watch the fun filled episode below!

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INDEX: Prologue | E1 | E2 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E6 | E7 | E8 | E9 | E10 | E11 | E12 | E13 | E14 | E15


INDEX: Prologue | E1 | E2 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E6 | E7 | E8 | E9 | E10 | E11 | E12 | E13 | E14 | E15


BLACKPINK meditated preciousness toward each other while reminiscing their trainee days as well as making the fans smile through their ‘ear candy live performances’.

BLACKPINK had previously went on a picnic and had time to talk to each other while having cocktail. The members ate snacks and started talking when JENNIE said, “We had a lot of these when we were trainees”.

They couldn’t avoid the difficulties of living in an accommodation in their early teenage days. ROSÉ even showed tears while thinking of the time she was away from her parents but soon regained her bright smile, thanks to the members’ support. JENNIE showed her reliability by stating, “It’s the time we got tight with each other”.

They even revealed behind stories on how they worked hard for their current skills. ROSÉ revealed, “I’ve never danced in my life before I became a trainee” and added, “I dreamed while watching LISA. I thought I want to become like LISA in dancing”.

BLACKPINK then reminisced on how they sang many songs together before making debut. ROSÉ began playing the guitar at the scene and performed Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’. While enjoying her performance, the members added their voices which led to an ‘ear candy live performance’ of 2NE1’s ‘Lonely’ and Park Bom’s ‘You and I’ in BLACKPINK version.

JISOO happily smiled and stated, “These are memories. We did this all night. It was fun”. JENNIE added, “It’s good to have times like this. We felt how precious we are to each other”. The members then got motivated and yelled, “Let’s do well. Fighting”.

Watch the full episode below!

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BLACKPINK prepared a special gift for their fans on their 4-year debut anniversary, spending meaningful time together.

The members thought and discussed how they can celebrate this and decided to shoot a ‘cosplay dance video’. JISOO explained, “We’ve always made dance practice videos in regular format, so we thought BLINK(fandom) may enjoy watching us dance while wearing cute outfits”. In Frozen-themed costumes, the girls danced to their hit song How You Like That’. Rather than dancing with charisma, they presented bright energy by expressing their joy and character.

The second content they prepared was an interview. Plus, they also had time to celebrate with a surprise guest. Magician Choi Hyunwoo visited BLACKPINK and entertained the girls with magic and card tricks.

Check out the episode below to know who got which Frozen character and more!

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BLACKPINK enjoyed the pleasure of speed racing through a cart championship held under strict safety education and rules.

BLACKPINK held the ‘1st BLACKPINK Cart Championship 2020’. After receiving safety education, the members wore protective gear. The members then got on the carts and began their drive test. JISOO and LISA looked nervous, but ROSÉ and JENNIE were full of confidence.

The members competed each other although it was a drive test, making the viewers laugh. After this, the individual lap time game began.

Check out the episode below to know who was held the first place racer!

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INDEX: Prologue | E1 | E2 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E6 | E7 | E8 | E9 | E10 | E11 | E12 | E13 | E14 | E15


INDEX: Prologue | E1 | E2 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E6 | E7 | E8 | E9 | E10 | E11 | E12 | E13 | E14 | E15


INDEX: Prologue | E1 | E2 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E6 | E7 | E8 | E9 | E10 | E11 | E12 | E13 | E14 | E15


BLACKPINK played a game which they guessed each other’s tastes and preferences with the fans, which gave them an opportunity to get to know each other better.

BLACKPINK took a challenge on the ‘Balance Game’, known as the most recently trending game. It is a game which they had to make a selection among extreme and opposite choices. The members of BLACKPINK had fun and intense moments as they had to guess what the fans would’ve answered.

BLACKPINK raised the people’s engagement by making honest answers and logical reasoning to the extraordinary first question.

After playing the game, the members expressed their deepened emotions toward the fans. JENNIE hoped, “I hope you always know that we feel the same way”, while ROSÉ stated, “I would like go get closer to BLINK”. The members then made ‘hand hearts’ for the fans together.

Check out the episode below to know the fun questions and the Pinks answers!

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INDEX: Prologue | E1 | E2 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E6 | E7 | E8 | E9 | E10 | E11 | E12 | E13 | E14 | E15


BLACKPINK successfully completed the so-called ‘insider’ game mission which revealed their variety senses, making the global fans smile.

Hwang Jesung, who was in charge of the first period of ‘BLACKPINK Variety School’, appeared again as a special teacher. The mission he suggested in the second period to survive in the harsh variety world was the ‘insider’ game. It required BLACKPINK members’ speed and cooperation.

The individual matches were the ’15-second challenge’. One had to ring the bell after dancing to the music when the player felt that the time was done. The one closest to the 15 seconds becomes the winner of the game.

The group challenge began after the individual matches. The mission was a table tennis ball relay game, checking the members’ cooperation and teamwork. They had to bite a spoon with a table tennis ball and pass it on as relay in 90 seconds without dropping the ball, and they would win if they move 5 table tennis balls into designated boxes.

Check out the episode below to know who won the games!

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INDEX: Prologue | E1 | E2 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E6 | E7 | E8 | E9 | E10 | E11 | E12 | E13 | E14 | E15


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