[YG-LIFE] 170904 BLACKPINK Captivated Japan, Electrified 50,000 People at Tokyo and Kobe Collection

BLACKPINK electrified the last weekend of Japan.

BLACKPINK appeared in “Tokyo Girls Collection” and “Kobe Collection”, the biggest fashion events in Japan, on September 2 and 3, to prove their remarkable popularity in the country by captivating total 48,000 people in the audience.


BLACKPINK sang “BOOMBAYAH”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, and global hit “As It It’s Your Last” on September 2 at “Tokyo Girls Collection” hosted at Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo. When the members of BLACKPINK unveiled whole new appeal when MC-ing the show in Japanese differently from their charismatic performances on the stage, the spectators of the collection shouted out “cute” continuously.


BLACKPINK gave the finale performance at “Kobe Collection” on September 3, which was their first-ever performance for the collection. That was the second live-performance of BLACKPINK in the Kansai region in Japan, following their opening guest performance for a show of TAEYANG’s Japan stadium tour last month. At Kobe collection, BLACKPINK presented the performances of four hit songs to boast their appeals that trigger “girl crush”. At the end of every performance, the audience gave BLACKPINK explosive acclamations that filled up the venue.


BLACKPINK has become many girls’ “wanna-be” with their uniquely sophisticated style and appeals, so the team is standing under a big spotlight from the beauty industry. BLACKPINK recently drew keen attention by doing a collaboration event with world-famous luxury brand “Dior”. BLACKPINK visited Dior’s Tokyo store on September 1, in celebration of the collaboration event. The store was paralyzed with the big crowd of reporters who flocked to capture BLACKPINK.


BLACKPINK released their debut mini-album “BLACKPINK” in Japan on August 30. Upon the release of the album, it topped Oricon’s daily CD albums chart for two days in a row and took No.1 on the chart of Japan’s biggest record label “Tower Record”, writing remarkable records in the music scene of Japan.

*omitted parts not related to BLACKPINK*

Source: YG-Life

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