[YG-LIFE] 170905 BLACKPINK’s Album Becomes No.1 on Japan’s Oricon Weekly Chart, the Third Time a Debut Album Topped the Chart

BLACKPINK’s Japan debut album became No.1 on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

According to Oricon, BLACKPINK’s self-titled debut mini album in Japan sold 39,000 copies, putting the album at first place on Oricon’s CD Albums Chart.

This is the third time that the debut album of a foreign act topped the Oricon Weekly Chart. Only the Russian duet t.A.T.u. and BLACKPINK’s labelmate 2NE1 hold the same record.


BLACKPINK’s Japan debut album has topped Oricon’s Daily CD Albums Chart for two days in a row and became No.1 at Tower Records, the biggest record shop in Japan.

People had high expectations for BLACKPINK even before its debut. The group was on the cover of a popular fashion magazine and held a big showcase at Budokan, which is rare for a rookie.

Budokan only seats 14,000, but 20,000 people applied for the tickets. Japan’s major TV broadcasters and sports newspapers covered the event.

Recently, BLACKPINK did the opening stage for A-Nation 2017, the biggest summer music festival in Japan. The group also performed at famous fashion events such as the 25th Tokyo Girls Collection and the Kobe Collection.

Source: YG-Life

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